About us

We are a leading Jordanian company specialized in jigsaw puzzles. Our company established in 2018 located in Irbid city in the north of Jordan to be the first company specialized in puzzles in the region.

The name JO Puzzle came to express directly the nature of our work and to show our beginnings and place of departure for the world, and to be easy to pronounce in all languages of the world.

Our vision is to offer a different and new experience for puzzle lovers. Our mission is to present the puzzle as a piece of art to make it more than just a game and our goal is to expand and reach our products all over

the world. In JO Puzzle, we did hard work to offer our products as high quality as possible.

Started with the quality of materials used, so we use recycled wood to make sure the durability of the puzzle and to make a classic feature on them. Also, the printing technology used is the latest, so we print directly on the wood without the use of paper to be closer to the painting and be more resistant

to atmospheric factors.

Laser cutting technology has allowed us to innovate more in this field, we easily do cutting style and whimsy pieces drawings, and we also ensure that there are no similar puzzle pieces. The high-quality packaging put our products together with the most luxurious gift options, the materials used in the packaging industry ensure the durability of the box to survive for years and years.

Now we serve customers everywhere, and we are delighted to be part of the gaming industry and we hope that our products have the confidence and satisfaction of customers and we guarantee that the game will last for generations.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.



JO Puzzle Team